About the Founders

Winnie Sun

Winnie Sun also coined the “Wealth Whisperer” by the media is a trusted force in the financial world. With more than 19 years of experience, she’s advised families, celebrities, and Fortune 500 executives on how to manage their money to live the life they want to live. You’ve probably seen her on tv, because she’s on the CNBC Financial Advisor Council and a regular contributor on Forbes, Good Day LA, Fox News, Digital Trends, and is host of her own financial show debuting this year on Nasdaq and the CW San Francisco called LevelUp with Winnie Sun.

But, what’s most important for you to know is that she loves to travel. Her three kids love to travel. Her youngest, who is 6 years old, wishes they could live in a hotel because the hot chocolate and cookies there are so much better, And well, her husband has finally started to love to travel too. And, Winnie came up with the original idea of Bionic Boost on a plane ride home from a media trip in New York City. While sitting in a plane full of coughing and sneezing, she really wanted a travel friendly, family friendly immunity spray that she could take with her everywhere. And she knew exactly who could make this dream come true, her buddy and super Mom, NB Pure CEO Danna Pratte. 


Danna Pratte

Danna Pratte is an entrepreneur and wellness enthusiast, activist, educator and professional that has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. She’s the Mom who packs blueberries in your lunch, and cheers you on from the side of the football field. And she’s the Mom who also rocks a six pack and blends you and your class a pea protein smoothie at school. She is founder, owner, and CEO of NB Pure, a Phoenix, Arizona based manufacturing, distribution and sales company that provides nutrition and natural wellness solutions to its customers. Danna is a regular contributor to local and national media on entrepreneurship and health related topics. She serves as a guest speaker, contributor to health-related conferences, talks and seminars and gives back to our future leaders by involvement with Arizona State University where she is an advisor to the ASU HEALab, a health innovation incubator and guest lecturer. She is featured on Sonoran Living, Amazon Live, Facebook Live and numerous other health and wellness media outlets. Selected as Outstanding Women in Business by Phoenix Business Journal, Arizona Leader in Health and Wellness by AZ Big Media, and a guest speaker/youth mentor to United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. She is a mother to three amazing boys, is a warrior for healthy living, and is grateful for the opportunity to impact people’s life for the better.